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Middlesbrough Circle of Magicians Members 1964

Middlesbrough Circle Members 1964

Get to Know Us

​The Middlesbrough Circle of Magicians was born in the middle of a snowstorm in December 1953. James Scott and Martin 'Martini' Marshall met in the street and despite the weather stood and talked of all things magical. Nearly one year later 'Martini' wrote to 15 local magicians inviting them to a meeting on the 13th of January 1954 

Thirteen magicians responded and attended the first gathering, and the Middlesbrough Circle of Magicians was formed with 'Jim' Scott as it's first President and 'Martini' as the Honorary Secretary and Treasurer. The original thirteen members were:

  • ​​Albert Trebla Allen

  • Albert Chapman

  • Terry Flavell

  • Will Fleet

  • F. W. Hebblethwaite

  • Eddie Fudson

  • Ken Johnson

  • Martin "Martini" Marshall

  • Peter Morton

  • Bill Ripley

  • Jim Scott

  • Bill Tate

  • Harry Thomas

During the following two years, the small group went from strength to strength with the original monthly meetings becoming bi-monthly.

The circle logo, designed by 'Martini' incorporates a rabbit, top hat, and wand within a circle. It remains the symbol of the circle to this day.

Middlesbrough Circle Members 1964

Founder Member: Martin Marshall

Founder Member: Jim Scott

Founder Member: Bill Ripley

Founder Member: Ken Johnson

The MCM Hall of Fame

The MCM members 2021

Middlesbrough Circle of Magicians 2021
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